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Name: 반효정 / Ban Hyo Jung (Pan Hyo Jeong)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1942-Nov-27 (age 72)
Star sign: Sagittarius

TV Shows
Rosy Lovers (MBC, 2014)
Cheongdam-dong Scandal (SBS, 2014)
Melody of Love (KBS1, 2013)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS, 2013)
Eun Hee (KBS2, 2013)
I Summon You, Gold! (MBC, 2013)
Ugly Alert (SBS, 2013)
Samsaengi (KBS2, 2013)
Rooftop Prince (SBS, 2012)
Brain (KBS2, 2011)
A Thousand Kisses (MBC, 2011)
The Women of Our Home (KBS1, 2011)
Romance Town (KBS2, 2011)
49 Days (SBS, 2011) cameo
Pure Pumpkin Flower (SBS, 2010)
Definitely Neighbors (SBS, 2010)
Creating Destiny (MBC, 2009)
Shining Inheritance (SBS, 2009)
The Road Home (KBS1, 2009)
Empress Chun Chu (KBS2, 2009)
Star's Lover (SBS, 2008)
Hometown over the Hill (KBS1, 2007)
That Woman is Scary (SBS, 2007)
Good Day to Love (SBS, 2007)
By Land and Sky (KBS1, 2007)
As the River Flows (KBS2, 2006)
Thank You Life (KBS2, 2006)
My Sweetheart My Darling (KBS1, 2005)
Dear Heaven (SBS, 2005)
Second Proposal (KBS2, 2004)
Terms of Endearment (KBS2, 2004)
One Million Roses (KBS1, 2003)
To Be With You (KBS1, 2002)
Dawn of the Empire (KBS1, 2002)
Dae Bak Family (SBS, 2002)
Way of Living: Couple (SBS, 2001)
Still Love (SBS, 2001)
Because of You (MBC, 2000)
Roll of Thunder (KBS2, 2000)
When She Beckons (KBS2, 1997)
Until We Can Love (KBS2, 1996)
West Palace (KBS2, 1995)

2009 SBS Drama Awards: Achievement Award (Shining Inheritance)



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