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Name: 김윤혜 / Kim Yoon Hye
Previously known as: 우리 / Woo Ri
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1991-May-24 (age 23)
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 44kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A
Talent agency: StarFox Media

Kim Yoon Hye originally debuted under her stage name Woo Ri. Woo Ri, means "us" in Korean and thus made it difficult for her name to be searched. She started using her given name Kim Yoon Hye before her new film, Fortune Tellers, came out.

TV Shows
Who Are You (tvN, 2013), cameo
Flower Boys Next Door (tvN, 2013)
I Need a Fairy (KBS2, 2012)
You've Fallen for Me (MBC, 2011)
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011)
Supermom (KBS2, 2007)

Fortune Tellers (2012)
Alice (2010)
A Day With My Son (2007)


Name: 문가영 / Moon Ga Young
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1996-Jul-10 (age 18)
Birthplace: Germany
Star sign: Cancer
Talent agency: SM C&C

TV Shows
Mimi (Mnet, 2014)
Wang's Family (KBS2, 2013)
Who Are You (tvN, 2013, ep 1-2) guest
You've Fallen for Me (MBC, 2011)
Bad Guy (SBS, 2010)
The Reputable Family (KBS1, 2010)
Good Friends (굿 프렌즈) (KBS2, 2010)
Friend, Our Legend (MBC, 2009)
Ja Myung Go (SBS, 2009)
Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008)
Hometown over the Hill (KBS1, 2007)
Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack and Defense Battle (MBC, 2007)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007)
Goong S (MBC, 2007)
By My Side (MBC, 2007)
Cloudy Today (오늘도 맑음) (EBS, 2007)
Fallen Angel Jenny (추락천사 제니) (Mnet, 2006)

Killer Toon (2013)
Unforgettable (2008)
Our Town (2007)
Shadows in the Palace (2007)
Black House (2007)
Bunt (2007)
To Sir, With Love (2006)


Name: 김경범 / Kim Kyung Bum (Gim Gyeong Beom)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1972-May-06 (age 42)
Birthplace: Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Height: 176cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Taurus

TV Shows
Who Are You (tvN, 2013)
The King of Dramas (SBS, 2012)
Sign (SBS, 2011)
Once Upon a Time in Saengchori (tvN, 2010)
Soonpoong Clinic (SBS, 1998)
Miss & Mr (SBS, 1998)
LA Arirang (SBS, 1995)

Sin of A Family (2011)
Lady Daddy (2010)
From Here To Seoul (2006)
Spring Breeze (2003)
Oh! Happy Day (2003)
Break Out (2002)
Chinese Restaurant Peking (1999)
GGa (까) (1998)
3PM Paradise Bath House (1997)
Kill the Love (1996)
The Adventure of Mrs. Park (1996)
The Rules Of The Game (1994)


Name: 김기천 / Kim Ki Chun (Gim Gi Cheon)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1957
Height: 160cm
Weight: 53kg

TV Shows
Thunderstruck Stationery 2 (Tooniverse, 2014)
Who Are You (tvN, 2013)
Thunderstruck Stationery (Tooniverse, 2013)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS, 2013)
I Hear Your Voice (SBS, 2013) cameo
Lee Soon Shin is the Best (KBS2, 2013, ep38) cameo
The Queen of Office (KBS2, 2013)
Drama Special Season 3 - Like A Miracle (기적 같은 기적) (KBS2, 2012)
Stone (KBS2, 2010)

Bean Sprouts (2013)
The Gifted Hands (2013)
Mr. Go (2013)
The Gifted Hands (2013)
Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)
An Ethics Lesson (2013)
The Etudes of Love (2013)
The Neighbor (2012)
Ghost Sweepers (2012)
Horror Stories (2012)
26 Years
CHAMP (2011)
Hanji (2011)
Villain & Widow (2010)
The Unjust (2010)
Woochi (2009)
Closer To Heaven (2009)
I Am Happy (2009)
Chaw (2009)
Que Sera, Sera (2009)
Private Eye (2009)
Fortune Salon (2009)
What Happened Last Night? (2008) cameo
Modern Boy (2008)
The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008)
Smile Babo (2008)
Open City (2008)
Happiness (2007)
Beyond the Years (2007)
Traces of Love (2006)
Lump of Sugar (2006)
The City of Violence (2006)
My Scary Girl (2006)
Blue Swallow (2005)
Quiz King (2005)
Crying Fist (2005)
Blood Rain (2005)
The Twins (2005)
The President's Last Bang (2004)
The Big Swindle (2004)
Shinsukki Blues (2004)
Spring Breeze (2003)
The Greatest Expectation (2003)
Save the Green Planet! (2003)
Show Show Show (2003)
Bet on My Disco (2002)
Road Movie (2002)
Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (2002)
Resurrection of the Little Match Girl (2002)
Say Yes (2001)
Sorum (2001)
The Happy Funeral Director (2000)
Kilimanjaro (2000)
Tears (2000)
Spring in my Hometown (1998)
Christmas in August (1998)
Bad Movie (1997)
Festival (1996)
A Single Spark (1995)
Declaration of Genius (1995)
The Tae Baek Mountains (1994)
A Casual Trip (1994)
Sopyonje (1993)


Name: 신봉선 / Shin Bong Sun (Sin Bong Seon)
Profession: Comedian, host, and actress
Birthdate: 1980-Oct-06 (age 33)
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 158cm
Blood type: AB
Talent agency: TN Entertainment

TV Shows
The Thousandth Man (MBC, 2012) cameo
Reply 1997 (tvN, 2012) cameo


Name: 온유 / Onew
Real name: 이진기 / Lee Jin Ki
Nickname: Leader Onew, Dubu, Ondrew, Ontokki
Profession: Singer, dancer, actor, lyricist, presenter, promotional model, radio host
Birthdate: 1989-Dec-14
Birthplace: Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Height: 177cm
Weight: 61kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

TV Shows
Pure Love (KBS2, 2013, ep 59) cameo
Oh My God x2 (SBS Plus, 2012, ep 12) cameo
Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010, ep 7) cameo
Dr. Champ (SBS, 2010, ep 16) cameo
My Precious Child (KBS2, 2008, ep 9-10) cameo

TV Show Theme Songs
Moonlight - Miss Korea OST (2014)
3 2 1 with SHINee - Tokyo Toy Box OST (2013)
Green Rain with SHINee - The Queen's Classroom OST (2013)
In Your Eyes - To the Beautiful You OST (2012)
Fly High with SHINee - Prosecutor Princess OST (2010)
Countdown with SHINee - Dream OST (2009)
Stand By Me with SHINee - Boys Before Flowers OST (2009)


Name: 김병만 / Kim Byung Man
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1978-Jul-29
Height: 165cm

TV Shows
The Queen of Office (KBS2, 2013) cameo
Oohlala Spouses (KBS2, 2012, ep 2) cameo
What is Mom (MBC, 2012)
I Remember You (널 기억해) (SBS, 2012)
Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010) cameo
Boy Meets Girl (KBS2, 2010)
Dr. Champ (SBS, 2010)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2009)
Everybody Cha Cha Cha (KBS1, 2009)
General Hospital 2 (MBC, 2008
The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea (MBC, 2008)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)

Radio Days (2008)
Three Kims (2007)
My Wife is a Gangster 3 (2006)
Baribari Zzang (2005)
Last Present (2001)


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